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  • How to Remove Tar and Gravel Roof Hunker

    Removing a tar and and gravel roof means hard labor. To cut down on the sweating and broken backs, the right tools are absolutely essential. If you just go at the tar and gravel roof with a shovel, you are going to be up there all day, all week or all month.

  • Roof Vacuum Removing Gravel YouTube

    11/07/2010· workers and machine remove gravel from roof! Check out race videos @ youtube/user/MartyMotorizedMayhem

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  • machine for removing gravel from roof Mine Equipments

    Perimeter edge metal for low slope roofs.Copings, gravel Hickman Copings, gravel stops, roof...We invented the first roof edge system and innovation and custom capabilities have been a tradition for us since 1945. Hickman . Precision machine cut from 20-year pre-coat . downspout water removal.

  • Removing Gravel from Roof YouTube

    4/07/2014· We removed all this gravel from a flat roof with a power air vacuum machine. Then we were able to put a new roof system in place.

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  • Gravel Roof Vacuuming EMI Roof Vacs Roof Gravel Removal

    Efficient Gravel Roof Vacuuming. When you need to remove or replace the gravel on your flat roof, trust the team at EMI Roof Vacs to handle the work. We provide gravel roof vacuuming services to remove the old gravel ballast from your flat roof so that you can replace it with new materials.

  • Roof Gravel Removal EMI Roof Vacs

    EMI Roof Vacs is located in North Branch, MN, and specializes in removing gravel from flat roofs on commercial buildings. Our crew of skilled workers uses a technologically advanced vacuum to suck the gravel off of roofs with as little mess and disruption as possible.

  • Roofing Tools and Equipment List Choice Roof Contractors

    Roof Cleaning Equipment. The commercial roofing tools and equipment listed below are needed for proper preparation: Stiff bristled hand broom used for sweeping gravel and loose debris from the roof surface.; Power broom large motorized rotary brush used for thorough sweeping of large commercial roof areas.It weighs 400 to 500 pounds and requires use of a roof hoist.

  • Commercial Flat Roof Repair and Installation Video

    20/07/2017· Commercial Flat Roof Repair Hot Tar Gravel Roofs. Commercial flat roof repair with the old Hot Tar and Gravel on it. These roofs have come a long way, but time has come where they are not repairable any longer. Over the years the hot tar becomes brittle and start to crack. The stone aggregate hides these cracks, so it is not easy to spot them.

  • tar & gravel roof Eichler Network

    Another thing is to make sure the edge is ****MUCH**** higher than what a tar&gravel roof would use. The slickness of the foam/paint surface has the water running way too fast and will overshoot, plus the added thickness of the foam reduces this "gutter" height. I had a water fall over all edges of the pitched sections. I glued aluminum angle

  • Services Sunbelt Vacuum Service, Inc.

    We then make a single pass to remove all loose and non-embedded rock from the roof surface. Our machines can vacuum all types of roofing aggregates including pea gravel and 1” to 4” ballast rock making wheelbarrows and shovels obsolete. This eliminates the most labor-intensive portion of a ballasted single-ply tear off. Disposal of rock

  • Installing And Removing A Tar And Gravel Roof

    While a long hot, dry day laboring under the sun may not seem like optimal working conditions, it is actually the best time to tear off a tar and gravel roof. The heat from the sun softens the tar making it easier to remove. Check the weather forcast for rain, because removing a roof is a

  • Liberty Gravel Vacuum Professional Gravel Vacuum Service

    We then make a single pass to remove all loose and non-embedded rock from the roof surface. Our machines can vacuum all types of roofing aggregates including pea gravel and 1” to 4” ballast rock making wheelbarrows and shovels obsolete. This eliminates the most labor-intensive portion of a ballasted single-ply tear off.

  • Roof Preparation and Roof Vacuum Services RK HydroVac

    RK’s One Pass Dry Vac Process will remove all loose gravel and dirt from the surface of your built up roof, without power brooming. The RK Dry Vac allows excess weight to be removed from the roof deck prior to laying another roof. Dry vacuuming a roof not only speeds up the process of tear off. Read more »

  • Ballast Removal Vector Technologies Ltd

    Ballast Removal. Roofing ballast (gravel) removal is a difficult proposition. Roof replacement requires ballast removal, but removing thousands of squares of ballast by hand is daunting and expensive. Using a Vector VecLoader™ vacuum for roof ballast removal helps you reduce cost and provide far better service for customers.

  • How to Remove Moss from a Flat Roof DoItYourself

    Removing moss and algae from a flat roof can seem like a never-ending task. Most homeowners will have noticed that their flat roof is regularly invaded by the green pest, and while it does no damage to flat roofing materials, it can retain moisture, which will accelerate wear and tear on the flat roof.

  • Roof Vacuuming Ballast Removal Bur & Gravel Removal

    Bur and Gravel Removal. Gravel vacuuming from a built-up roof removes all loose rock quickly and effectively. The vacuuming service allows for a less labor-intensive job, and greater contact with loose gravel. Debris and dust fragments are controlled and minimized as well.

  • Removing moss from your tar and gravel roof I-handyman

    Has your tar and gravel roof grown a good crop of moss? Would you like to get rid of it? Moss growing on a tar and gravel roof can damage the roof membrane in a very short period of time if allowed to spread over a large area. Moss develops from a spore growing down into the gravel and will retain water, freezing in the cold months causing

  • Unrivaled Roof Rock Vacuums Industrial Vacuum Equipment

    In 1992, Industrial Vacuum Equipment Corporation designed the Hurricane™ 600 rock vacuum for a roofing contractor that was looking for a better way to remove rock and stone from flat commercial roofs. Since that time, the Hurricane™ has become the roofing contractor's choice for a high quality, high production, low maintenance, affordable roof vacuum.

  • Stone Ballast Removal Chaffee Roofing

    If your roof has stone ballast on it that needs to be removed, the most common way to complete the task is to vacuum it right off! Roof ballast removal is completed with a giant vacuuming truck and custom designed piping that allows the stone to be sucked right off the roof

  • What Is Best Way to Get Rid of All the Gravel in Your Yard

    You can remove gravel manually -- by hand -- or machine. Decorative gravel is easier to remove manually than compactible gravel is, as you can easily rake it, shovel it into a wheelbarrow and haul

  • How-To: Coat Gravel Roofs Elastek

    20/10/2014· Gravel Roof Advantages Most gravel roofs are inexpensive to build, offer some protection to vulnerable asphalt against UV damage, and the stones are very durable. Gravel Roof Disadvantages On the other hand, gravel roofs are hot, energy inefficient, heavy, moisture trapping, and unstable. They are typically more difficult to service, as the

  • Sunbelt Vacuum Service, Inc. Roof Vacuuming and

    Nationwide roof and industrial vacuum service provider specializing in dry and wet vacuuming, power brooming, spudding, and roof solar panel preparation. Sunbelt Vacuum Service, Inc. Roof Vacuuming and Industrial Vacuum Services Ballast Removal

  • Machine for removing and loading a flat roof HAMLIN H. LEE

    8/04/2003· Removal of this old material was the most labor intensive part of the job. The present labor-reducing machine not only scrapes off the old roofing from the roof deck but also loads any material so scraped into a cart for removal from the roof. The machine comprises a pair of drive wheels, a flat conveyor belt, and a chisel-like front member. To

  • Stone Ballast Removal Eagle Rivet CT Roofing Contractor

    Stone Ballast Removal. None of this helps, unfortunately, when it comes time to replace or repair the roof and tons of gravel have to be gathered up and disposed of. Removing ballast used to be a particularly tedious and heavy job when it had to be done by crews with shovels, but there’s a much better solution available today.

  • Why Put Gravel on a Flat Roof The Purpose of Gravel on

    Added benefits of BUR flat-roof gravel . Because the gravel holds and releases heat, the layer of gravel on a BUR flat roof can both help water evaporate and keep heat away from the underlying roof structure. The gravel provides a better grip for foot traffic when conducting maintenance or repairs.

  • Pickup sweeper for roofing gravel Garlock Equipment Company

    14/09/1993· 10. Roof gravel gathering apparatus for removing gravel of mixed diameter from a roof surface and discharging it into a transport device positioned along side, said apparatus comprising: (a) a self propelled carriage, said carriage being operable in response to command from an operator located in an operator's position relative to said carriage;

  • Tar and Gravel Roofing: A Quick Overview

    Roofing felt Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons / Kelly E. Barnes. Advantages of a Tar and Gravel Roof. Of all the flat roofing options, a tar and gravel roof is the most economical. It provides excellent protection against UV rays and is an attractive option for windows and decks that overlook the roof. Gravel is an excellent fire retardant

  • Removing Tar From a Roof Home Guides SF Gate

    Tar and Gravel Roofing. Tar and gravel roofs have a layer of roofing felt between the tar and the substrate, so removing it with a flat-bladed shovel or scraper is usually straightforward, though

  • Removing old Built Up roofing Need suggestions JLC

    21/07/2009· Re: Removing old Built Up roofing Need suggestions I agree with the users here, it would make sense to get some professional machines for the roofing. Good machine can really save time and effort if you know how to use them. If you have some experienced workers, you just need to hire the machines, tool hire doesn't have to be expensive

  • Rock Vacuum From Single Ply and IRMA Systems RK HydroVac

    Our Rock ballast vacuuming services will remove all 0.75” to 2.5” river rock from single-ply roofs. By removing ballast this way rather than traditional shovels, wheelbarrows, and chutes, you remove the most labor-intensive portion of ballasted single-ply tear-offs. This saves you time, labor, injuries, and is significantly cleaner. RK